Natalie is an aging lesbian who has been dumped by her longtime lover for a younger girl that sinks her into a deep depression.


Seeking validation of her sex appeal an aging lesbian Natalie, becomes obsessed with a young college coed, Bianca. The compulsive attraction she has for the young girl is further complicated by the fact that Bianca has an older lover already. Bianca’s older lover is one of her professors, Laura, whom she also lives with next door to Natalie

The situation really takes a twist when Bianca actually tries to seduce Natalie making things even more complicated. Bianca is relentless however and eventually Natalie succumbs to the young girl and begins bedding her when Laura is away.

Things come to a head when Laura calls Natalie at work and asks her to go to lunch. Unaware what is on Laura’s mind she meets Laura and during lunch, Laura reveals to Natalie she knows that she is sleeping with her lover Bianca. Dumbfounded Natalie waits for the next shoe to drop when Laura suggests a solution to the problem that leaves Natalie reeling for days.

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