A Collection of Scintillating Tales of Lust

Complex Lesbian Desires

A Collection of ten stories of lesbian women caught up in the compulsion of their unique sexual desires.



The assortment of stories reflects the wide spectrum of lesbian behavior. Some of it innate, some of it learned all of it prurient in nature:

Time of Crisis

Julie, a College professor is coming to grips with middle age and finding a younger likeminded woman to settle down with

An Uncommon Match

Robynn has been challenged, by Lada, to a match, in the Rainbow Division of the MWC. A female vs a Transsexual Sexfight.

Pointless Demonstration

Billie and Lauren are retired military and very much in love. They move to the tropics to live their lesbian lives they have always dreamed of doing.

A Brash, Boisterous, Babe

The debauched Doctor Lindstrom lives with two exotic specimens that thrive on her depravity. Lesbian Jeanie and Chris the Transsexual provide for the Dr.’s needs.

Impulsive Actions

Piper is a girl with a past. She is beginning her first day of college and meets new friends Tasha and Tiffany. She hopes the friendship will erase the memories of her past.

Kiss You All Over

Cassie and Nadia are a romantic couple about to make up, following an ugly spat they had. Each has a surprise for the other for the makeup.

The Specter of Antiquity

A woman, Grace Goode, reflects on her past Halloweens and how they still haunt her today.

Hurtful Emotions

Two high school seniors, Sam and Mikki, from different worlds confront each other in the girl’s bathroom. Setting in motion a love-hate relationship that lasts for years

Secret Desire

Justine and Stacey first meet at the gym and instantly find themselves attracted to each other. Justine learns that Stacey is full of surprises.

The Same Sad Story

Tragic tale of Anna, pregnant at seventeen, condemned to and abusive marriage. Loses her baby to the welfare system and nearly killed on the streets of Windsor Ontario.


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