Used and Abused

Adult Erotica
Brenda “BJ” Winters is a Policewoman, and an underground lesbian wrestler. Which is something she has managed to keep secret up until she is embroiled in a murder?

The Wanton Watcher

Adult Erotica
Jocelyn rents a room from a married couple Dale and Sherry Briggs. Little does Jocelyn know, one of them was a voyeur.

Bus Line Murders

Adult Erotica
Detective Sarah Jaffee is called to the scene of a home invasion where the sexy victim got the better of her attacker with a ball bat. Little does Sarah realize that simple B&E would lead to five other unsolved murders.

Onetime Lover

Adult Erotica
Sally Porter has a steamy fling with a onetime lover, while her partner is away on a research project.

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