A drug store employee, Sam, gets saddled with a home delivery, in the pouring rain, just before she leaves work. And just when things couldn’t get any worse…




Just as Sam is preparing to leave work for the day, her vindictive manager pawns a last-minute home delivery on her. Since it’s on her way home he says. What he didn’t say was that it was pouring rain, and she would need to change buses twice to make the stop.

When Sam gets to the customer’s home, she looks like she had been thrown in the deep end of a swimming pool. Furious and embarrassed, when the customer answers the door she is surprised that the woman invites her in and does what she can to dry the young girl off, even to throw her clothes in the dryer.

While Sam waits to dry out, the kind customer gets her a coffee and begins to talk to her. In the course of their conversation, Sam learns the kind customer is really Abbey Rhodes the famous movie actress. Thrilled to death, Sam asks her questions about her movies, and Abbey is more than willing to share some behind the scenes information about some of her movies.

Clothes now dry it’s time for Sam to head home; never to see the famous actress again. But surprisingly Abbey asks her if she would like to go to dinner the next evening. Walking on air Sam leaves dreaming of her dinner date, and feeling lucky she got to deliver the package, in spite of the rain.

Abbey goes all out on the date with Sam. Limo ride to the restaurant, awesome Chinese cuisine, and then, back to Abbey’s for some after-dinner drinks. During the limo ride to Abbey’s, true feelings are shared and by the time they arrive at Abbey’s the two women are all over one another. Will this be the love fling of a lifetime for Sam? Or will it be a one night stand? Will Fate Smile Kindly on her?


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