HIDING HER GUILT. Almost as bad as the Tell-Tale Heart!


Lesbian partners Kaylie and Phoebe get word that a close friend of theirs has just died of an overdose. Oddly, each woman reacts differently to the news.



A rags to riches young artist Siobhan, has all her friend worried she is having a nervous breakdown. Kaylie, one of her friends, tells her partner Phoebe she should go visit their artist friend and see if she can help her out of her problems, whatever they are.

Siobhan, nicknamed ‘Show’ is ecstatic that Kaylie came to visit, so much so she seduces her friend, and spends the afternoon making love. Kaylie, torn with guilt is not certain how to handle her infidelity, should she tell Phoebe?

While Kaylie deliberates which course of action to take, she gets word that Show has OD’d, not two days after Kaylie’s tryst with her. The police believe that death might not be an OD rather bad drugs. Things get complicated and Kaylie is certain the investigation is going to lead back to her. And with that expose her indiscretion to Phoebe.

Fearful that the murder investigation will lead back to her, Kaylie is now not only paralyzed by guilt, she frightened that Phoebe will be devastated about her infidelity. She knows she didn’t kill Show, but how can she prove she didn’t give her the tainted drugs. And the investigation closes in on Show’s circle of friends, Kaylie is nearly hysterical. Will she be a murder suspect?


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