After Months of Quarantine, Nurse Proposes to Longtime Girlfriend

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One of the many sacrifices frontline medical workers have to make while helping treat patients during the current global pandemic is having to self-isolate to prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 to their immediate loved ones. That was a reality that New York-based musician and ICU nurse Alyssa Kayhill had to face when she and her longtime girlfriend Anhlinh Trinh had to quarantine away from each other for three whole months.

While being away from your partner for that long can really take an emotional toll, thanks to Kayhill’s sister Kristie Loscalzo and the support of a local, New York neighborhood, the couple got an epic reunion — and a proposal was involved.

According to LGBTQ Nation, Loscalzo organized for Kayhill and Trinh (who have been together for eight years) to finally see each other at a public courtyard outside of the property where Loscalzo lives. With the help of the property managers, Loscalzo was able to get her neighbors involved to witness and cheer on Kayhill and Trinh’s long-awaited reunion that took place Monday.

“We have been extremely proud of her, always as a nurse, but especially during COVID,” Loscalzo said in a statement to LGBTQ Nation. “Our family has always been very proud of Alyssa, but seeing her step up and really do the right thing for all of these people has just made us even more proud.”

She continued:

“We really did try to just take it day by day and encourage her and support her in every way possible and let her know that we loved her and we were proud of her for everything she was doing.”

When the time came for Trinh to arrive to the reunion, Kayhill — and a group of supportive neighbors — were already waiting for her, and once the two saw each other again, Kayhill got on one knee and proposed.

Watch Alyssa and Linh’s romantic reunion and public proposal in the video below.

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