Talk about Police Brutality… USED AND ABUSED…puts the exclamation mark on it!


Brenda “BJ” Winters is a Policewoman and an underground lesbian wrestler. Which is something she has managed to keep secret up until she is embroiled in a murder?



Brenda ‘BJ’ Winters has been on the Cincinnati police force for 11 years. She has even attained the rank of Sergeant. The amazing part of her story is, she is lesbian, and even wrestles in the Underground Lesbian Wrestling League. Something none of her co-workers are aware of.

But that changed. The change began when she ran into an old lover, Stacey and Stacey’s new lover and tag partner Darcy. After BJ finished her singles match, Stacey put the moves on BJ right in front of Darcy. Darcy and her have a falling out over it and Darcy leaves the arena, and Stacey goes home with BJ.

Later at BJ’s place, they see on the late news that Darcy has been murdered in what appears to be a mugging. Stacey is hysterical and spends the night with BJ. When BJ went to bed that night she is unaware she was about to be dragged into the middle of the mess, threatening to expose her secrets to the world.

Fearing she will be outed she comes clean with her Captain; Kim O’Hara and the Captain promises to try and keep her private life out of the incident. But then things go sideways and the Captain confesses things have changed and she may not be able to keep her promise to BJ.


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