An intense study in voyeurism with a twist!


Jocelyn rents a room from a married couple Dale and Sherry Briggs. Little does Jocelyn know, one of them was a voyeur.



Young Jocelyn Chen rents an apartment from a married couple, Dale, and Sherry Briggs. The furnished apartment is ideal for a single girl and is close to her work. The couple is friendly enough and she even spends Friday morning’s chatting with Sherry Briggs over morning coffee.

The Briggs a middle-aged couple, married young and is the case so often with teen marriages the romance faded well before the libido did. Jocelyn and Sherry chat about each of their early lives and find similarities in some of the hardships they have endured due to early life choices.

It was during one of the weekly coffee conversations that Jocelyn reveals to Sherry that she is a lesbian and has been for a number of years. Fearing she might lose the landlord’s friendship she asks if Sherry has an issue with her lifestyle? Sherry, also not wanting to lose Jocelyn’s friendship assures her there is no problem. She even promises to keep it to herself and not tell her husband.

What Jocelyn doesn’t know is that there is a spy hole that gives a clear view of her room to anyone looking through it. That spy hole gets plenty of use once Jocelyn starts bringing girls back to her room. Emboldened by Mrs. Brigg’s tolerance of her lifestyle, Jocelyn enjoys six different girls in five weeks, tempting fate maybe?

The uninhibited activities in Jocelyn’s have one member of the Briggs family soon addicted the night shenanigans. As the watcher is so addicted to the erotic sights, that they wait at the spy hole for hours waiting for Jocelyn to get home and satisfy their prurient interests.

A monkey wrench is thrown into the works when Shelly accepts an invitation to go out for the evening with Jocelyn. Dale Briggs is forced to fend for himself for the evening. Could this be the tipping point in their marriage? Will Jocelyn discover she has a voyeur stalking her?


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