A Crime of Passion…BUS LINE MURDERS


Detective Sarah Jaffee is called to the scene of a home invasion where the sexy victim got the better of her attacker with a ball bat. Little does Sarah realize that simple B&E would lead to five other unsolved murders.


BUSLINE MURDERS COVER reedited resized

A jilted lesbian lover follows Meg Duncan home after she takes Meg’s rejection badly. The attacker in a blind rage breaks into Meg’s apartment and attacks her with a deadly knife.

Meg, fortunately, hears her attacker and surprises her with a baseball bat upside the head. Knocking the intruder cold. Meg calls 911 because she thinks she has killed the attacker.

Det. Sarah Jaffe is called out in the middle of the night to investigate. It’s then that Meg learns the assailant is not dead, merely unconscious. Sarah interrogates the absolutely gorgeous Meg and has a hard time focusing on the crime investigation.

The interrogation leads Sarah to believe the attacker was behind five other murders. All perpetrated on lesbians and gays. The suspect is less than cooperative and a mean and vicious woman, Sarah had her whisked away and behind bars.

Her apartment a crime scene, Meg is unable to stay there that night. After some quick mental debate, Sarah decides to offer to let Meg spend the night at her place until she can find another place to stay. Sarah realizes her place only has one bed.

That first night, Sarah lets Meg know that she too is gay. With that in common, a friendship ensues, which then leads to a relationship. Meg, it turns out is more than a pretty face and she helps Sarah to prove her thwarted attacker is also the person responsible for the five other murders. And might even have had an accomplice.


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