Stephanie Kelley, a college dropout, and free-lance handywoman travels to Nova Scotia looking for work.




Stephanie Kelley, orphaned at seven, was raised by her uncle, a successful contractor, and from him she learned all about construction, installing and repairing all things that had to do with general updates on commercial and home improvements.

Truly an adventurous girl she travels all over, doing work wherever she can find it. The novelty of a woman doing the work she offered, generally got her hired more times than not for regular home improvement jobs.

She stops at the small hardware store and checks for any work that may be posted there, which is common in small towns. Good luck smiles and she is given directions to an old home whose new owner wants to upgrade. Stephanie or Steve as she likes to be called is hired on the spot.

The work goes well and the woman she works for sings her praises to everyone in the small town. A month in the small town she is convinced to attend a Church Dance at the local Hall. There she meets up one of the workers from the hardware store and next she finds herself on the lover’s lane, with the handsome but inept lover.

The failed night at the Church dance ironically became a catalyst for a drastic turnaround in Steve’s romantic life. Even if they are coming from unexpected suitors. She soon is embroiled in a lesbian love triangle. Can the young wanderer deal with the small-town drama, or will she bolt the first chance she gets and resume her journey to find the right spot to settle?


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