It takes all kinds of people…even those with a PHOTO FETISH


Widowed forty year old Erin decides to take a part time job to keep her busy during the day and her mind off her boring social life.



Erin Bach is a forty year old widowed mother of two adult daughters, a lesbian and also looking for something keep her busy during the day. And take her mind off her less than stellar social life. While running errands one day she stumbles across a Help Wanted sign in a small Photo Shop.

She interviews for the position and is hired on the spot. She works for Nicole a middle aged married mother of one daughter, Michelle, who also works at the shop with her mom and Erin. Erin quickly learns the photo business and seems a perfect fit working with Nicole and Michelle. Erin sees Nicole as an older sister and Michelle reminds her of her oldest daughter.

Erin during her normal routine, meets some of the shops regular customers and gains some titillating insight into their lives by the pictures they have developed. The most fascinating of the customers is the lesbian couple that like to record their romantic private lives on 35mm film.

Following a blind date that ended in disaster, Erin realizes she has left her house key back of the photo shop and has to stop by there to pick them up. The shop is closed and Erin uses her keys to get inside and finds Michelle is there alone. When she enters the back office, Erin is shocked to find Michelle has a sexual fetish, a fetish that leaves widowed lesbian speechless and wondering if she can handle it and still not lose her job.


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