A Feel Good Story for all of us hunkered down at home. THE LOVER’S TASKS


Super sexy and popular cheerleader type Cody, gets a lesson in humility and compassion from an unlikely source.



Mean girls, Cody and her two girlfriend Lilly and Andie, go out of their way to be nasty to anyone they feel is not the sort of person they like. The un-cool, the less fortunate and the less than beautiful people the cheerleaders are.

The three cheerleaders single out poor, naive Nicola and begin body shaming her, calling her names and generally abusing the new and friendless transfer student. The abuse escalates and poor Nicola loses it.

One day following a particularly horrible day for Nicola, Cody, happens to follow her home after school and while walking behind her, she gets a better understanding of their designated victim’s situation. The revelation begins to eat away at Cody and it’s not long and Cody becomes Nicola’s biggest protector, much to the chagrin of her two mean and nasty friends.

Cody is overcome with compassion for the victimized teen and begins to take her under her wing. Even more so after she see the home life that Nicola must endure. The compassion evolves into friendship and eventually in to affection.

The two girls are soon intimate, the popular Cody and the nerdy Nicola begin a torrid relationship that takes them on a journey to a new kind of life.


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