Two well-endowed women, Rachel and Sarah meet at work, and unknowingly each lusts for the other. However, the younger Rachel discovers an Achilles heel that Sara has when it comes to sex.

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Mature Sara has a new temp working for her. Ironically Sara and the intern, Rachel are held in some notoriety due to their bust size. So it is no surprise when working together, that friction surfaces. When Rachel pulls a prank on her boss in the ladies room Rachel is likely to get fired since Sara caught her in the act.

The two have, however, a laugh over the prank and the cheeky intern presses her luck by asking her boss for a ride home from work. Sara eagerly agrees and discovers that she is mysteriously attracted to the ample boobed intern and suggest they do a movie and diner.

What Sara is unaware of is that she in playing into the hands of the intern who as an agenda to mold her boss into her own sexual plaything. And Sara fall hook line and sinker for the trap.

The relationship makes for strange bedfellows in more ways than one, and the devious intern finds out that for all the abuse and humiliation she has dumped on her boss, Sara is an unlikely key to her fortune.


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