I thought a brief excerpt from  Bustle’s ‘Sex IDK’ column talks to the heart of women on our day:

For the last couple of years the category ”Lesbians” has been the most searched term for all of US erotica, and quite a bit of online forums. This is not unexpected as this genre is the final expression of appreciation of the female form, beloved by both men and woman. But, drowned by the fantasy of girls liking girls, we often forget the actual girls that like girls.

The term sexual minority is widely politicized and has actual value when it comes to someone’s rights as a person. But in real life, in our everyday contacts, all of us are a minority. Everybody likes a narrow type of people that they are attracted to. What is important is how we can learn from each other. Then we should come (and cum) together in both love and camaraderie.

Understanding the real-life lesbians around us can make us appreciate both them and their fantasy counterparts even more. They can teach us things that our male friends just can’t. Also, straight men can offer them emotional stability and support any person needs in their quest to find love.

Finally, there is nothing wrong in enjoying the view or reading of two women getting it on. You getting off while watching or reading about two girls consummating the intimate act with each other is a-okay. Just write a review of the piece of art,  if you enjoy the scenes so that they can make more.


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