HUNGER FOR HANNAH and maybe Beth!


Small town girl, Sydney, hides her long time lesbian leanings until she goes away to college.



Sydney has been a lesbian for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a small town in Southern Ohio she was forced to conceal her inclinations for fear of the repercussion from the conservative population. Knowing her only opportunity to try out her feeling when she is away at college.

She arrives at a very liberal college and is able to spread her sexual wings but finds complications. She has a crush on her sexy roommate Hannah and doesn’t want to frighten her away should she learn of Sydney’s lesbian desires. Sydney is faced with a dilemma that she obsesses over for weeks. Even getting a part time job to take her mind off her beloved Hannah.

Oddly, the part time job cleaning houses adds to Sydney’s problems when she feels the woman that hired her is trying to seduce her. The much older employer is very formal to Sydney but walks around her house scantily clad to arouse her young maid. Her desires for Hannah and her confusion over Mrs. Taylor her employer have left Sydney feeling trapped.


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