What Kind of Erotica do Women Like?

As a change of pace this quiet Sunday, and beginning of Daylight Savings Time I am sharing some interesting facts about erotica and how females view it, and what they like and how it is different than what males seem to view.

Based on a survey of searches by women Pornhub determined US woman like erotica dealing with Lesbians the most. 

survey results for women USA

1. The top two types of erotica women are most commonly watching are “Lesbian” and “Gay (male)” porn.
2. The category with the most women viewing it when compared to men, however, is “For Women” erotic.
3. “For Women” erotica is a thing.
4. If you were to exclude lesbian content, the most popular category for women is “Solo Male” videos.
5. The bulk of what women are searching for beyond that are things like “Rough Sex,” “Double Penetration,” and “Bondage,” which fall under BDSM and hardcore-related categories.
6.  The three most common searches women are making are for “lesbian,” “threesome,” and “squirt” videos for women globally. In the USA squirting is replaced with Ebony.
7. Group sex is way more popular with women than men. “Threesome” is the second most popular search term and “Gangbang” is the fourth most popular. For men it’s not even in the top 20.
8.  When you compare search terms for men and women, “eating pussy” is searched for 900% more often by women than men.

9. Surprisingly women’s tastes in erotica differs from men a dramatically: For Women, And We Watch A Lot More Lesbian, Gay Male, And Threesome Porn Than Men

In her blog post Lea Rose Emery made this observation:

May 14, 2015

Thank god I’m not the only one. Pornhub and Buzzfeed have collaborated on a study of erotica preferences, and it turns out, women are watching a lot of it, and exactly what we’re watching is pretty interesting. The most popular erotica for women is lesbian erotica . This doesn’t surprise me— as someone who likes sex with men and women I like watching (or reading about) both types of erotica, but even some of my most arrow-y straight female friends have told me they prefer lesbian erotica to straight. Women are 132 percent more likely to search for lesbian scenes than men.

What did surprise me was that the next most popular was for gay male erotica. That’s right, “according to the data, women searching for sexually explicit erotica on line most want two women engaged in sex — but other than that, they most want to see two men having sex.” So girl-on-girl and boy-on boy-ranked highest for female viewers.

Well, I personally don’t write much guy on guy erotica. I have nothing against it, but I’m not comfortable with the biology and physiology for gay erotica. Not being a guy puts me at a handicap. But I get lesbian erotica and have written quite a bit. I even get a bit turned on writing the stuff.  But that is another story.

I hope you liked my blog post today. I thought is was quite apropos to my blog.  Let me know what you think.



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