Take the ‘DARK PASSAGE’ only if you dare.

Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they are the complement the other.



Leisha has plans for an idyllic weekend and to spend it with her lover. It has been some time since they have been able to spend time together. Leisha’s lover is overcome just thinking of her coming to stay with her, to the point she nearly attacks the girl at the front door.

The weekend begins with the normal red wine and a couple of movies. But nature takes over, and the two of them are wrapped in each other’s arms and driving their libido’s off the chart. At Keisha’s suggestion the two retire to her friends bedroom and neither woman has immediate plans for sleeping.

After a very passionate and satisfying time the two finally drift off to sleep after a very long and exhausting night of passion and lust and waken later in the morning to get ready for a pleasant Saturday afternoon picnic alone in a secluded place. But mother nature is not in a romantic mood and rains on the picnic. Leisha and her lover head for Leisha’s apartment because it’s closer.

The rain may have dampened the picnic spirit, but it was not able to douse the flame of the passion the two lesbians have for each other, and they retire to Keisha’s bedroom. It is there that Keisha’s lover reveals to her the secrets of the Dark Passage. Something that put the exclamation point on a beautiful weekend.


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