You know it when…IT FEELS RIGHT

Two married friends, Lita and Shellie following a night of partying, take a walk on the wild side and together just as a lark, but it become more than that.



Bored housewives, Lita and Shellie enjoy going out at night, together for drinks and dancing and a little flirting with the young single guys. Until one night the drinking gets the better of them and Shellie has to spend the night with Lita.

Neither woman is sure if it was the drink, the sexy flirting or what, but soon they are showering together, and then spend a sleepless night in bed together. Both having their first lesbian experience.

The incident awakens a desire in both of them and they plan to take advantage of any time one of their husbands are out of town; to satisfy their newly found lust whenever possible. But fate doesn’t smile on their romance and opportunities are few and far between.

One day, luck seems to smile upon them when Shellie tells Lita her husband is going away and she should come over so they can take advantage of the time and get back together for a nice long weekend. Because IT FEELS RIGHT!

Lita arrives at Sherrie’s house only to find, Doug, Shellie’s husband is only going out fo the evening and will return at midnight. After a pouting and feeling sorry for themselves, they decide they should take the time they have and use it wisely. They should be okay as long as Dough doesn’t come home early. God forbid.


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