Rebekah and Deborah, friends since childhood, have a sleepover at Rebekah’s house just prior to spring break. Unexpectedly awakening a real want in one of them.



Rebekah’s friend Deborah decides to spend the night at her friend’s so she will be closer to the airport in the morning as she heads out for her spring vacation.

The impromptu sleepover awakens a real want in Rebekah, one she was never aware of prior to that night. Unfortunately after their night of passion, Deborah is up and gone in the morning. Leaving poor Rebekah high and dry so to speak.

Spurred on by the activities from the night before, Rebekah desperately looks for a way to satisfy her newly awakened needs, something all her toys and self pleasurement don’t seem to help. But, while searching for a place to party that night, and take her mind off her cravings, the website gets a pop-up of an interesting nature. An Amazon named Fancy, advertising to help desperate people with unquenchable desires.

Rebekah debates the wisdom of answering the posting, but succumbs finally and Fancy delivers, right to Rebekah’s bedroom; everything she needs to alleviate her incessant want. Fancy’s cure goes on until the wee hours of the morning, and when she awakes, Rebekah isn’t sure all of her time with Fancy wasn’t just a dream.


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