Christie is a twenty four year old married women who engages in a combative contest with her friend. The winner will be the losers mistress for three months.




Two longtime girlfriends, Christie and April, have been pro wrestling fans since they were in junior high school. Occasionally the two would pretend they were one of the wrestling divas. Their shared pastime continued into adulthood and the two women now engage in their secret pleasure with the husbands are out of town.

On one recent Friday meeting, they planned a contest of wrestling domination. The loser will be the slave of the winner for three months. It’s a free for all, and Christie is a natural at the game. Dominating her friend and forcing her to submit.

The events following the contest are far from any kind of wrestling, rather Christie runs her vanquished foe through a very torturous ordeal, forcing her to submit to her wants. The loser seems to respond to the rough treatment and Christie spends the rest of the evening taking the loser through her elaborate series of bondage and discipline situations. It’s difficult to determine which woman is turned on the most during the erotic ordeal


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