Lara is homophobic and has made it her life mission to harass lesbians, until one day she is at their mercy and finds her life completely changing.



Lara Greene is an extreme heterosexual female. She believes all forms of homosexuality are disgusting. She even goes out of her way to let them know her feelings.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was hitting a singles club to find a nice eligible bachelor, or even a married guy. She was in the mood for sex and she wasn’t going to quibble about a stupid thing like a guy being married.

It’s a slow night at the bar and she finds no one to take home with her. She goes to the restroom before leaving and discovers a strange opening in the partition in the stall. The opening turns out to be source of pleasure, and Lara takes full advantage of the service.

Lara makes several more trips to the Singles Bar and returns to the same bathroom stall. With the same results. All this time believing a guy has followed her into the restroom and is getting his thrills interacting with Lara. Until one session, Lara notices e the person on the other side of the opening, is wearing lipstick.

Filled with revulsion, Lara returns home and does some soul searching about the lesbian contact she has had. She rationalizes that it is her chance to use the lesbians for her own satisfaction and pleasure, and be mean to them a the same time.

On her last trip to the singles club, Lara has an epiphany of sorts thrust upon her, and her world changes forever.


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