Antidote for Lust

A debilitating plague is in a head on collision with Earth. But its arrival to Earth may be sooner than they expected….



Two alien emissaries have made contact with Earth and reveal the threat of a deadly plague on a galactic proportion headed to Earth. While on board the space craft the emissaries give a detailed explanation of the threat, and the formidable enemy that will be the carrier.

The Lead Emissary, Empress Maude offers, to ally her people with Earth and prevent the advance of the invading Le Tari. She offers to return to Earth and provide an antidote against the Le Tari plague. The cure seems worse than the illness as they suffer the consequences of their initial exposure to the plague. It seems probable the

Terran subjects will need a long time to recover.

The Le Tari are eventually repulsed, and the plague averted. With the crisis gone, the victorious Earth military return to Earth and give the news to the defense team on working on the antidote

The antidote test subjects are joyous by the news, but feel they fought a devastatingly erotic battle of their own in developing the antidote.


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