Nothing more romantic… KISS AND MAKE UP!

Cassie and Nadia are a romantic couple about to make up, following an ugly spat they had. Each has a surprise for the other for the make up.



A very lovely young couple have had a falling out. The falling out turned ugly. Nadia is the younger member of the couple, the couple of Cassie and Nadia. Nadia is a college senior and has dated Cassie since her second year of college.

Cassie has graduated and is a very successful attorney for a well-known law firm in the same city as the university. The two live together, even though Nadia has a place of her own on campus, much to Cassie’s dismay. This point has ignited an argument between the two lovers and brought on an ugly lover’s quarrel.

The two have tentatively reconciled, and Nadia is at Cassie’s place waiting for her to come home from work. Nadia and Cassie are both quite passionate women and Nadia is the one who has suffered the most sexually from the separation and has an agenda to get the most out of their impending make up.

Unknown to Nadia, Cassie also has surprise she plans to ‘spring’ on Nadia that evening. The whole thing could blow up in their faces if either gets the wrong idea about the other’s intensions. Will making up be sweet?


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