From outer space…ALIEN AMAZONS ATTACK!

Tiffany is abducted by aliens determined to invade planet earth, enslave humanity and expand their species. All Tiffany needs to do to prevent the invasion, is survive a series of fights with several large female alien warriors. Win and save the planet, lose and die.



Tiffany is the victim of an alien abduction. She awakens alone on her abductor’s spacecraft bound to her seat. Wondering what will happen next, is she going to be someone’s or something’s breakfast.

Several tall grayish aliens, come to analyze their new specimen, Tiffany, and then explain their plans to invade Earth, enslave the humans and interbreed to expand their species. They explain to Tiffany the only way to prevent this from happening is for Tiffany to defeat each of the alien amazons, in hand to hand combat. Win and the invasion will be called off. Lose and Tiffany dies, and the invasion goes on as planned.

Tiffany is first matched against an alien wearing a mask, calling herself the Scarlet Demon, an opponent skilled in wrestling, catfighting and sexfighting. Should, by some strange luck, Tiffany win her first match, the even more imposing Stinger Queen is waiting impatiently in the wings to crush the voluptuous Earth Girl.

The pressure is really on Tiffany.


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