Alex had one SLICK TRICK, to show Sarah Jane.


Sarah Jane decides to take an erotic trip on the wild side and responds to an ad on Craigslist



Sarah Jane responds to an ad on Craigslist. The sender is from a guy named Alex and the offer is for reciprocal oral sex, including analingus. Sarah Jane reads the bio, and studies the photo that accompanied the ad, and Alex looks like a very cute blond surfer dude, tall slender with green eyes.

The two meet at Alex’s place and there is very little preliminary discussion is pretty straight forward. Straight, boy girl oral sex. Sort of a heterosexual, sex buddy relationship. Sarah Jane is fascinated with the attractive guy, who looks a bit younger than his twenty-two year of age listed on his bio.

The activities begin with attention to Sarah Jane’s needs, after shedding her clothes and Alex gets started, she has a short fuse and is done after only several minutes. Quickly reversing the situation Alex reminds Sarah of the reciprocal agreement and positions himself for his reward.

The stimulation of the situation causes Sarah Jane to not give Alex’s last minute revelation, of not taking all of his clothes off, a second thought. It seems Alex is shy about the size of his equipment and wants to ease into getting completely nude.

Sarah Jane accepts the quirky request and Alex finally feels the proper time has arrived and absolutely shocks Sarah Jane into next week.

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