If you like smoke and lightnin’, you’ll love HEAVY METAL HEAT!

Alicia and some friends score some tickets to an Ozzfest Concert. The three girl create as much thunder in the stands as the bands do on stage.



Alicia, draws the short straw, and stands in line to get tickets for her and her friends for an Ozzfest Concert. While in line she and an exotic female head banger hit it off in more ways than one. They just finish their erotically charged introduction when each reaches the ticket window and get their tickets.

The night of the concert, the three girls let the hypnotic beat of the music get them aroused to a boiling point and under a convenient blanket, some of their pent up passion is relieved. This continues during most of the concert. They take turns, giving and receiving favors from each other, until, one of the girl’s screams of wild abandon, causes all three to be escorted from the stands by a security officer.

Adrenalin flowing from the driving beat of the music and their raging libido’s, they subdue the security officer, and use her to get backstage passes and a hidden spot under the actual stage, so they can continue the total experience of the Heavy Metal bash, and provide some relief to their raging hormones.


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