PLEASURE POSTPONED…and Hope must deal with it!

Hope goes out on her first free Friday night in her new town. An Out lesbian, she tries the Shag Rug Bar, a popular lesbian bar. There she meets the beautiful and surprising Bathory.



Hope has lived in Small Town Kentucky all her life and moves to Louisville as soon a she turns eighteen. Feeling her lesbian lifestyle will be more acceptable in the bigger city.

Settling into a new job and new apartment, has kept her away from any kind of real social life. So, she takes the big step on her first free Friday night, by going to a popular lesbian club, the 1970s themed, The Shag Rug Bar. It’s there she meets, tall, tanned and beautiful Bathory. The girl of Hope’s dreams.

After Hope buys Bathory a drink, it appears her overture to Bathory are going to be ignored. About to leave, Hope returns from a restroom break to see beautiful Bathory sitting at her table. To Hope things are really looking up.

The two leave for Hope’s place, and the two start out eagerly by shedding their clothes. But then, like a scene from Twilight Zone, Hope learns, Bathory is not the person, Hope supposed she was. Bathory does have some steamy plans for her new friend but Hope just wants to survive the evening with Goddess Bathory, an up and comer in the BDSM scene in the big city.


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