Josie has to settle for substitute instructor for her weekly golf lesson. The sub is a real stunner and has Josie’s mind on everything else but golf.



Josie arrives at her country club for her weekly lesson, only to find that her regular instructor is off sick and is given the beautiful blonde Sierra as her substitute.

Sierra has Josie breathless during the entire session and when Sierra suggests they head to the showers, Sierra makes it clear she is a free spirit when it comes to sex. Lesbian sex for sure.

The steamy shower, leads to Josie going home with Sierra for a drink and whatever else comes up. Josie with her aggressive, advances on the beautiful golfer, nearly causes Sierra to wreck on the way to her place

Eventually they make it to Sierra’s and the two girls’ libido’s kick it into high gear. The erotic encounter, is one surprise after another and Josie is always left guessing what Sierra will come up with next.

Sierra leaves her biggest surprise for last, however and leaves Josie stunned at the revelation.


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