The Mothers Wrestling Club… The TRANS SIBERIAN DEFEAT!

Robynn has been challenged, by Lada, to a match, in the Rainbow Division of the MWC. A female vs a transsexual Sexfight.




The Mothers Wrestling Club has grown and found it necessary to split itself into divisions. The Rainbow Division is for female and transsexual combat. Lada is one of the stars of the division and needs a convincing win over someone to get into the prestigious elimination tournament. She decides Robynn would be an easy victim and expects it to be a squash job.

Robynn has other ideas, however, and gives the Siberian Fox Lada all she can handle and more. Living up to her ring name Rabbit, Robynn darts around the ring and confounds the bigger Lada, often times enraging her to the point Lada makes mental mistakes, like underestimating the smaller Robynn

Lada’s sometime ring partner, and real life partner, Jaguar, attends the match and Robynn knows Jaguar is notorious for interfering in Lada’s matches, will try to interfere, so she is at times preoccupied by the thought of an ambush.

Lada submits to Robynn in th first fall, stunning the audience, and she is soon aware she has awakened the animal fury of the Siberian Fox, and the outcome could be devastating to the Rabbit, both mentally and physically, if she can’t find a way to neutralize the bigger Lada’ s size, and raging fury.

Robynn is aware, losing the match is one thing, but the Bonus Round is where the loser takes the full brunt of the winners wrath. And Robynn knew Lada would be merciless in that round.


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