It was a Carnival of Shame. It was a… FREAK SHOW


Morgan is about to inherit a fortune when her Uncle Arthur dies. To Morgan’s shock, on his deathbed Arthur asks Morgan to find his long lost illegitimate daughter.



Morgan Carter is a trust fund baby, from a filthy rich family. She is about to become even richer if she can pull a fast one on her dying Uncle and the other greedy heirs.

It seems Arthur had a love child from several decades earlier and wants to leave his entire fortune to the child. Much to Morgan and the rest of the family’s chagrin.

Morgan pretends to be a help to her Uncle and vows to find the long lost child, and in doing so is promised by her Uncle that she will be well compensated if she finds the lost heir.

Morgan crafts a plan to find the child, now an adult, then to find a way to leverage that knowledge into much more money than Arthur is offering

But the path her plan takes her, is to a Freak Show. An Erotic Carnival. With Lesbianism and Bondage, the specialty of the house, for the rich and wealthy who can afford the price of admission.

The Carnival is riddled with danger and deception. The crafty Morgan, realizes she is in over her head, and is forced to submit to Lady Satan. Now, Morgan is just hoping to just get out of this mess alive.


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