Like any athlete will tell you, it’s all about repetitions, and hours that makes you excel at your endeavor, whether it’s, playing sports, learning a language or having sex!!!!!!



Cammie is an eighteen year old in a perpetual state of erotic arousal. She has seduced her English Teacher and her best friend. And still needs to practice at home.


Eighteen year old Cammie dreads the starting of her new school year, she hates school, and her grades show it. She spends most of her time at school thinking of which of her female school chums she could bed.

One teacher Ms. Morris offers Cammie an extra credit assignment to finish her midterm with a passing grade. Unlike any extra credit Cammie had ever had. She never had to remove her panties for a grade before. But she did and got her passing grade.

The school year progresses, and things are still a drag, and she waits for the weekend to relieve her boredom with her ‘practice time’ and entirely solo exercise with the aid of very odd equipment.

Next to English Cammie abhors Phys Ed and can only see the benefits when all the girls take showers. It gives her a better idea of the equipment on the potential targets of her seduction. In fact, following a rather long shower after the class, she spies her best friend Rachel in the middle of self-love act. Rachel thought she was alone, but her mistake lets Cammie jump on an ideal opportunity.

Even with the odd encounter at school, Cammie is not satisfied and heads into each weekend desperate for relief. That entire routine gets upset one weekend, while Cammie is all alone about to watch an adult film when a knock on the door changes her life forever.


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