The Mistress and the Step-Mother!


Martina is looking for a new Dom. Her recent online search ends in a disaster. Then Storm entered the scene and Martina’s life changes. In the way Martina views herself, and the lifestyle she has chosen.

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Martina’s last Dom threw her out of his house, because she was more than the Dom could handle. This forces Martina to surf the web in search of a new one. For a sub, she is pretty demanding, which caused the riff between her and the last Dom.

The arranged meeting with her new Dom candidate turns out to be a disaster. The real-life version of the candidate was not what he advertised. Frustrated, she orders a stiff drink to calm her frustration at the disappointment.

Martina is working on her second drink when The Storm breezes in, Meghan, aka Storm is an imposing ebony Amazon and she sits next to Martina and seems to offer a shoulder to cry on. She thinks.

Storm has other ideas, and the two leave together and get to know each other a little better. She finds Storm to be a charming, and gracious person, and lesbian. Later that evening, Martina leaves, after several glass of wine and friendly conversation, and realizes the lesbian issue is a deal breaker.

Martina’s best friend calls her the next morning to see how her online date turned out and is shocked that things went so wrong. But she offers advice that is not what Martina expected to hear. She point out that, Doms, male or female are Doms, and Marina is a sub. She tells her to connect the dots and encourages Martina, to at least give it a try.

With much trepidation, Martina prepares herself to meet up with the lesbian dom, with less than high expectations. But Storm, it turns out, under promises and over delivers and the two arrive at a middle ground. The question of will it work out hanging above her head. Can Martina deal with the dilemma?

The Mistress and the Step-Mother!

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The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the erotica pleasure and penetrating emotions. At times it is difficult to determine the Dom or the Sub.


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