Melody joins a fitness club, and inadvertently falls prey to a lesbian, blackmail scheme, that threatens to ruin her relationship with her partner and her friends, by exposing the pornographic recordings.



Melody and Nichole are a very happy married lesbian couple. Melody is a writer for a major magazine and is getting overwhelmed with the job pressure. So, she joins a fitness club to help manage her stress.

At the club, she is invited to join a select group of members to launch a new fitness program and health drink. Flattered by the offer she accepts, and learns later she has been duped, and fall victim to a blackmail scheme.

Melody pays up to the blackmail, in the form of having sex with a friend of the fitness club owner. She assumes that is the end but learns that blackmail is difficult to get rid of and is coerced over and over again into lewd and lascivious deed, to satisfy the warp lust of Zoe, the club owner. Nude style lesbian wrestling, where Melody gets used and abused, and every orifice in her body is prodded.

Horrified that her partner will find out about the mess and see the recordings of the wanton actions she has been made to perform, she confesses to her partner and Nichole is more understanding than Melody ever dreamed she would be.

With the cat out of the bag, in Nichole’s knowledge of the blackmail and the deeds that have been filmed, Zoe and Darla are checkmated and the blackmail, appears to go away.

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