We’ve all waited for that day. That day we fantasize about almost every waking moment.

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Carrie has harbored a secret desire, or fetish of having a lesbian relationship, and assuming the role of a Domme. Then she meets her new neighbor, beautiful Miranda.


Carrie cautiously, goes behind closed doors to fantasize about her concealed sexy fetish, passion or dream. After all this time she has resigned herself to the fact it will always be a dream. What she dreams of, she could never do with another woman.

Then a new neighbor moves into the next-door apartment, Miranda, and things begin to move quickly. The women find they share a lot of interests, though neither is an admitted lesbian. In a short time, they are behaving like long fast friends and sexual tension builds. They begin by watching a borrowed porno DVD and its effect on each of them is the same.

Treading in uncharted territory, the two kindred spirits just go along with the momentum of the moment. Each learns they have an affinity for lesbian sex, and play around with the new interest, like a favorite Christmas present. And still their experimentations continue.

Things reach a peak for the women, when Miranda suggests a contest where the loser of a sex game, pays a penalty and Carrie sees the chance to test her lusty fetish out on Miranda. She just has to win their contest, then live her dream.


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