An Erotic Epiphany

Most of you that follow this blog know that at various times items of sharp interest, and compatible with this Blog are highlighted.  Wow! that sure sounded pretty ominous didn’t it? 

What the Epiphany is, is an author, a sister author, who I think captures a lot of the same feeling, and passion of the Candice Christian works. Her name is Sherry Stone.

As I understand it, she is relatively new at the Erotica genre, but is pretty good with her slant on Sci-Fi and combines the two pretty well. She is currently not available on but exclusively to Amazon’s KDP publishing folks.

We don’t receive and finer’s fee by sharing, of kickback if you buy her stuff. Just wish I had someone helping me when first starting out. 

The Wrong Woman: Lena and Carolyn are in love with each other. They just haven’t told each other yet. Lena turns to a mature friend, Sam, to help Lena make the first move.

Polar Opposites: Jordan and Lillian are nurses training for a scientific expedition to Antarctica. They learn about shared bodily warmth, and each other.


Sherry has an author page on Amazon and also her own blog site.



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