THE PROBLEM CHILD. Every Mother’s Nightmare!

Forty Something, Miranda secretly visits a lesbian prostitute, Renata to satisfy her curiosity. Miranda’s daughter, Violet learns of it, and wants a piece of the action.



Renata is and immigrant from Russia, she works as a prostitute and is quite successful. Now and then she takes on female clients, for lesbian sex, and recently she hooked up with Miranda.

Miranda is a married woman, with an eighteen-year-old daughter, and is exploring her curiosity about female on female love. Renata is an answer to her prayers. The sex is discreet, no attachments and very satisfying. Renata looks fondly on the older woman and enjoys their session together.

Then, from out of nowhere, Miranda’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Violet, intrudes on the clandestine affair and wants to dictate the arrangements, that has Renata paying Violet for her services. In the beginning, Renata does not want to jeopardize her set up with Miranda, a very lucrative arrangement for her, and allows the daughter to play her game for a while.

Street hardened Renata, however, is not one to take this arrangement lying down, so to speak, and plans to teach Violet a very ‘old world’ lesson of the streets. Not to mess with another prostitutes business or suffer the hard consequences.


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