Wealthy Lesbian Lust: Entering Uncharted Territory

Shell and Nikki, spurred on by a mysterious email, change their straight lifestyles, and plot to seduce and convert, two of their girlfriends



Shell is mesmerized by an email she receives at work, one of those ‘mail to your four closest friends’ chain emails. Coincidently her personal life heads in several direction at once as she surrenders to the temptation of passing the email along.

She split with her current boyfriend, and runs to her best friend since kindergarten, Nikki, and passes along the entire story of the email and the nasty breakup. Nikki provides a shoulder to cry on and much more.

Soon the estranged boyfriend is forgotten, and Shell busies herself with her career, and checking on old friends she has neglected during her previous relationship.

The past memories of the mysterious email still haunt Shell and her life evolves toward, then embraces, a lesbian lifestyle, and entices her close friend Nikki into her bed, and converting her to the same persuasion.

Energized by the new life, both girls are overcome with an idea that causes them to plot a seduction of two close friends, without the two being aware of Nikki and Shell’s relationships. The two schemers take to the plot with alacrity and the plan end perfectly, at the Climax so to speak.


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