Odd ball Michelle, or Missy as she is nicknamed, gets mixed up with domineering Morgan while at college, who then introduces her to rough girl Kelly to get a job. A Cinderella story with nightmare overtones.

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Michelle or Missy, lives with Morgan. She hates Morgan and in her story explains how she got snared into the clutches of the Lesbian, Dominatrix. And also how she became introduced to very rough dyke, Kelly.

Kelly runs a porno theater, and he employs Missy to be the ticket booth girl. The job requires Missy to endure serious humiliation while sitting in the ticket booth all day long. Missy is sure her life can’t get much worse. Her story lets us eavesdrop on her life as she turns from weird Goth girl to a very attractive sexy air head.

Michelle or Missy, was an asexual Goth girl, who got mixed up Morgan virtually on her first day of college. For some reason Morgan had it in for Missy and has arranged to make life miserable for Missy. The first order of business is to transform Gothic girl Missy into a ditsy, college beauty queen.

This becomes a painful task, for Missy because she is subjected to endless humiliation, during the early stages of her transformation. All the while on campus she must look over her shoulder for the tough jock girls that have made it their mission to make life unbearable for Missy.

No Cinderella story ending here, but Missy does resign herself to her new lifestyle and pursues it with as much passion as she can.

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