The wild Saturday a young girl accounts beginning with her admiring an amazingly build woman swimming in her apartment complex pool, early in the morning.


The story begins with an unnamed women, waking up early one Saturday morning. While making coffee in the kitchen, she is distracted by the sight of a bikini clad woman swimming in the apartment pool, just outside her first floor kitchen window.

She takes her morning coffee out to the patio, along with her iPad, to get a much better look at the beauty thrashing through the water. All the while believing she is unnoticed by the swimmer, the swimmer’s body is having an arousing effect on the watcher.

Not long watching outside, the swimmer moves her body to accentuate her charms, and insure the watcher is aware she has been found out. The two end the cat and mouse spy game and exchange a smile. Our heroine returns inside leaving the patio door open.

The swimmer silently accepts the invitation and comes into the apartment and with little or no small talk, they each know exactly what is on the other’s mind and they begin to embrace without much ceremony. The rest of the morning is dripping in lust as the two women engage is a lesbian sex fest.

Too soon the tryst ends and the Swimmer exits the apartment, alluding to a return engagement, leaving behind her bikini bottoms. The watcher regards the article of clothing a tremendous turn on and wears them, and them alone, the rest of the day.

The Watcher, begins to yearn for more of the Swimmer, and becomes restless, hoping the almost promised return is tonight. The yearning becomes intense the Watcher resorts to self-pleasuring herself to relieve her tension. Though not truly satisfied she resigns herself to a night alone.

Nearly asleep, the Watcher hears noises on the patio The Swimmer has returned with a friend, equally attractive in her own way. Introductions are very short and the Watcher and the Swimmer begin where they left off earlier in the day, this time integrating the unknown friend into their lovemaking.


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