BLAST FROM THE PAST…Licking Her Phobia!

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Lisa is a Midwest girl now working on the west coast.unexpectedly one day, after work, a power failure forces her to confront her crippling phobia in the dark, with two lesbians she detests….

Lisa and her husband David have moved to San Francisco from Xenia, OH. At work, she becomes bullied by two lesbians who delight in embarrassing her at every turn. So Lisa goes out of her way to avoid them at all costs.

Circumstances force Lisa to leave work and ride the elevator with her two nemeses but she feels certain she can bare the short ride to the bottom. Her expectations are wrong and Lisa endures the longest elevator ride of her life.

She is not only trapped in a dark and hot elevator, with the lesbians, she now is overcome with her claustrophobia, something she has lived with since she was six years old. Hell can’t be this bad.

The events in the long ride, take twists and turns and at times Lisa is nearly catatonic. Will the lesbian bullies take advantage of the defenseless naive girl and scar her for life?


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