Everyone likes, A KISS ON THE CHEEK

A frustrated married woman, decides to do something crazy. She advertises on online for a lesbian experience. To see if she likes the experience. She learns she has to weed out the crazies first, until she comes to Caitlyn.

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Trapped in a dead-end marriage, Alicia decides to troll an online match up site. She is soon in the arms of an older female doctor.

Butterflies in her stomach, Alicia agrees to meet her email friend for lunch and discuss the possibility of engaging in an experimental affair. Caitlyn is much different than Alicia’s mental image of an online lesbian. The two warm up to each other, and Cait puts little pressure on Alicia to have sex.

Exchanging histories, the two women, it is clear, come from completely different worlds. And reinforce the old adage, ‘Opposites Attract’. As their afternoon comes to an end, still just friend and not as yet lovers. Alicia comes to the conclusion she wants to have an affair with Cait, and she calls her loutish husband.

The conversation with her husband empowers Alicia, and makes her all the more determined to get into bed with the beautiful doctor. Throwing caution to the wind she decides to spend the night and become initiated into the new lifestyle.


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