Weekend Without Football. Lesbian Romance is just the ticket. At least I think so!




Amelia comes to visit her Mother for the weekend, and brings along a close friend Quinn. There is more to Quinn than meets the eye, and the older woman has her eye on Quinn.

Amelia promises her friend Quinn a weekend in the country and takes her from New York to her country home to visit her Mother.

While there, Sydney, Amelia’s Mom, discovers her daughter’s and Quinn’s secret. She confronts her daughter at breakfast and is shocked to learn her daughter is a lesbian.

Amelia gets a call from her boss and is forced to end the weekend visit. Quinn, however, is urged to stay the rest of the weekend and keep Mother company.

After Amelia leaves, Sydney and Quinn begin the weekend lounging around in the pool, and it becomes quite confrontational. Will this turn into a long three days?


Something strange happens to Mallory the day her friend Brianna comes visiting and to show off an unusual pendant necklace she purchased in Barbados

Mallory is a married mother of two, works full time, and lives a very hectic life. So when Brianna, stops by to relate her vacation stories of Barbados, and show off her souvenir, understandably Mallory falls to sleep during her long monologue.

Embarrassed at falling asleep in front of her friend, she invites her over again to actually listen to the tale in its entirety. But the visit ends the same way as the previous time. And this begins to bother Mallory, and is at a loss to explain why it’s happening.

It happens several time more, with the same results, and Mallory stresses about it. To relieve her stress, she goes to her favorite means of stress relief, self-gratification. Ironically that to ends disastrously. She can’t seem to close the deal.

At last, Brianna arrives some time later and is able to shed some light on her problem. Shocked that her friend is even aware of her problem, she listens as Brianna relates the horrific story of the spell she has placed on Mallory. Which has caused her unwanted slumber, and failed attempts a self-gratification.

Brianna, it seems had a method to her scheme, and proceeded to use her friend as a sex toy of sorts. Allowing her to find relief, only by coming to Brianna and begging for her help. Brianna now in control is a cold mistress and subjects poor Mallory to unspeakable humiliation, after humiliation. To the point of Mallory, nearly resolving to live in her subservient role forever.

How much more can Mallory endure at the hands of Brianna? Does she have any way of getting out from under her thumb?


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