Tough Girl Lea enlists in the service because a lesbian girlfriend, in the Air Force, told her it was a great way to hook up with other lesbians.

Street tough Lea, joined the service to me chick, a dominant lesbian she finds that basic training offer little or no opportunity for any real connections.

Then she meet Crystal, and for Lea the chase is on. Crystal slowly responds to the tough girl’s advances and even plans to hook up with Lea when they get their first pass into town. But Lea pulls guard duty and it seems the plan has fallen through.

Lea is surprised while on duty, knocking at the dorm door is Crystal home from town early. It is as if Crystal is possessed, and she aggressively seduces the tough girl into an interlude right in the dorm.

Things move along hot and steamy and the two have long thrown caution to the wind as they engage in their dangerous liaison. But luck runs out as they are discovered by two Training Instructors. Lea realizes the storm is coming from the non-coms for their actions. Their fate is in the hands of two really tough sergeants.


Heather is a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. However her lesbian tendencies often cause her to delve into wild, and weird affairs, rather than finding true romance

The story begins with Heather’s secret crush on her friend Chelsea. Both high school seniors, Chelsea is astute enough to pick up on her friend’s lust for her. She exploits that crush with a wet time by the pool.

Heather outgrows her crush on Chelsea and excels at her scholastic endeavors, to the extent of earning her master’s degree in business and becoming the owner her own Real Estate business. It’s there she is able to hire playthings, that catch her eye, and who give in to her lesbian advances. Candi is one such plaything, and she gives Heather all she wants and more.

Soon tiring of the reckless, abandonment of her life style, Heather buys a vacation business in a sleepy village along the New England coast. The pace is slow enough she can focus on her real passion, beside sex, her love of poetry. But her focus gets blurred when Nikki appears, wanting to rent a cabin for the summer from Heather.

For the first time in her life Heather discovers an aspect of lesbian sex she had always seemed to miss, love and romance, in the person of Nikki. The beautiful summer passes quickly and Nikki must return to her previous job.

Heather goes into a deep depression over the loss of her true love, it forces her into return hook up with buxom Candi and some rock’em, sock’em, rough sexual action. But that doesn’t solve her depression and now she waits. Waiting months at a time for some sort of communication from Nikki, will she ever see Nikki again?


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