Kelsey lives at home and is very happy being a career student, until her parents decide she needs to experience the real world. AND get a job.


Kelsey and her boyfriend are both career students. Living with their parents and never having a job. But her world turns upside-down, first her boyfriend moves away to grad school several hours away. Next her parents use their connections and get her a job with a former employee of her Father. The former employee has a firm of her own now.

Leigh is the former employee, now owner, who hires Kelsey, and assigns her a copywriter position. Life in a cubicle world seems about to consume poor Kelsey when Leigh, the owner of the Company takes a personal interest in Kelsey.

They frequently have lunch together and become good friends. Along the way, Leigh mentions to Kelsey she is a lesbian, and is in to some pretty rough kinky stuff. Rather than being shocked, young Kelsey is intrigued and tries to learn all about her friend’s lifestyle.

Eventually Leigh succumbs to Kelsey’s pleadings and invites her to her place for a quiet dinner. Dinner is short, but the sparks of sexual desire between them, is long and hot. A long evening of delicious lovemaking ensues.

Pushing Leigh more, she gets invited to a ‘secret initiation’ the following night, which Leigh promises will not be quite as sensuous as their first encounter, but quite intense.

Kelsey is soon wondering what she has gotten herself into.


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