Plus…I Don’t Need to be Forgiven, Love Over the Rhine, Nobody Know What it’s Like

Valerie is a nerdy loner, working her way through college. Then Missie comes into her life, and like Cinderella, Valerie’s transformation begins.


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Valerie a very bright girl, is no slave to fashion, and spends little time to throw off the appearance of being a nerdy, loner college student. No social life, few if any friends and definitely no sex life. Then Missie comes into her life.

Beautiful unattainable Missie, lusted after by both men and women, takes an interest in Valerie. A friendship ensues and Missie helps Valerie emerge from her cocoon revealing a beautiful lesbian woman.

During summer break, Missie returns home and Valerie senses her life will revert back to the times before Missie. To take her mind off that fear, she applies for a job as a meter reader. Surprisingly, in the new job, the ball gets rolling again and she has women after her. Even while she is on the job.

Another benefit from the job, the meter reading job pay so well and keeps her so busy she needs to hire a cleaning person, Kelsey, to keep her apartment in order. Shockingly when she returns to the apartment unexpectedly, she finds the cleaning girl messing around with Valerie’s underwear. Valerie decides to teach the girl a lesson and the punishment turns into a free for all of fetish delights.

There is a bump or two along the way for Valerie, like hooking up with Lizzie, a lesbian that can’t hold her liquor and at times embarrasses Valerie to tears. It comes to a head one night when Lizzie gets into Valerie’s apartment, while she is sleeping, and tries to insinuate herself onto a sleeping Valerie. It doesn’t work, and Valerie quickly finds a solution to her problem with Lizzie.

The question is, will Lizzie and Valerie ever reconcile? Will they reach a common ground?


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