The Changes All Around is another installment in the Mothers Wrestling Club.  Nancy our protagonist is plagued with an abnormally large clitoris, and she finds it to be a bit of a mixed blessing.  It causes her to lose a wrestling match to a cute Canadian girl, who uses her endowment against her.

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the changes all around for cover v2

Nancy begins her adult life with an unexplained sexual anomaly. Nancy and her anomaly are unconsciously driven in unusual directions leading her to strange close encounters with other women

Nancy has an abnormally large clitoris. Something she doesn’t think of as strange, until she reaches adulthood and a close friend demonstrates the benefits of her physical anomaly.

The anomaly leads her to encounters with a friend in her swimming pool, and some real experimentation, to learn how to take advantage of her stunning asset.

Off to college and performing well on the girls wrestling team she at last discovers her anomaly can lead to unwanted results and the loss of wrestling matches. But undaunted she stays with the sport because of love of the physical contact.

Nancy tries to stay in shape during the off season for wrestling and joins the college softball team where she meets Maybell, a rough tough, tomboy, that Nancy is immediately drawn to. Their relationship takes a strange twist and evolves into something that sours Nancy on her lifestyle for a number of years. During that time she marries and has a daughter.

Nancy suppresses her lesbian needs for the sake of her family, especially her daughter and because of her teaching position at the local High School. However, her lesbian desires are reawakened after the death of her husband, and she encounters a young beautiful lesbian and experiences a period of euphoria as she re-enters the lesbian lifestyle and becomes more active and bolder. She can see attitudes about lesbianism and other things in the world have changed all around her.

Another setback befalls Nancy. Depressed and out of work, a unique walk in the fresh air, and a voyeuristic activity, watching two lesbian neighbors having sex, again forces Nancy to take stock of her situation. She takes on a second job. Her qualifications meet the needs of that particular job and her life seems to have righted itself. She is no longer wrestling with her desires.


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