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Young twenty something Maureen, gets a job through a friend, Katerina, and does very well in her new position. While there, she becomes friends with a software consultant, Gretchen, working for the same company. 

Her friend Katrina, warns her that the consultant, Gretchen is gay, and she risks being blackballed among the staff if she continues hanging around with Gretchen. 

Maureen, it turns out, is her own person and rejects the warning and goes on a date with Gretchen and soon realizes she has been lusting after the consultant since they first met. 

As a result, Maureen breaks up with her boyfriend and quits her job and joins Gretchen in her new company that is poised to skyrocket to great success. 



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Susan reveals to her boss Sara, that she has never had an orgasm. Not with a man or a woman or by masturbation. Sara vows to solve that problem and give Susan a crash course in self-love.

Empowered with her new skill Susan fantasizes about her and Sara the entire night lying in bed. Susan is determined to perfect her technique and spends the entire night practicing.

While Susan practices her technique, Sara leaves the masturbation session wanting another try with Susan, so she seduces her when Susan arrives at work. Sara and Susan expose a foot fetish that neither of them realized they had and this leads to a steamy interlude before business hours.

A few week after her interlude with her boss Sara, Susan agrees to accompany some friends from work to a gymnastics competition at Susan’s Alma Mater. Herself a former gymnast, Susan has given the daughter of one of her friends, Chelsea, quite a few private lessons.

Kelli, Chelsea’s close friend and a gymnast, senses the tension between Susan and Chelsea during the events. And when the intermission comes, Kelli spends the break time successfully seducing the older Susan.

Susan and Kelli continue their relationship and plan a vacation together.So, Kelli invites herself to Susan’s house to spend some time laying the sun, to tan, before the vacation. But getting a suntan is the last thing on Kelli’s mind. The suntan lotion is not the only thing that gets rubbed on them.


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