Off and Running with Three Hot Releases!



Kelsey can’t escape the exhilaration of the lesbian seduction her husband perpetrated on her.

It’s Kelsey’s day off, a door to door sales woman comes to her home. Once inside, it’s obvious the Amazon saleswoman wants to do more than sell Kelsey some cosmetics.

Reeling from her experience with the convincing lesbian social engineer, Kelsey tries to put the experience behind her and begins swimming at a local health club. But even there she witnesses a similar pick stunt as her own; to her lesbian friend Jessy, who is sweet talked into sex by a female club employee.

Kelsey can only take so much and decides to confront her friend’s seducer at her home. When she arrives, things begin to spiral out of control and Kelsey is caught up in a whirlwind experience that drags her fantasies back to reality.



‘Straight Girl Stacey’ finds fighting off temptation from the pleasures of the Lesbian Lifestyle very difficult. (Available ONLY at Barnes & Noble at the moment.)

Stacey has just moved into her new dorm room, and on the first night there, is drawn into watching two cute co-eds making wild and passionate love in the building across from hers.

The next day she meets up with some new friends for the upcoming school year and during the introductions, she meets the two lesbian lovers she spied on the night before. The cards are stacked against Stacey as she is left alone with the two of them and is seduced by one of them, Reilley in her own room.

Stacey keep her knowledge of the identities of the two passionate co-eds to herself in hope of not revealing her voyeuristic episode. On the other hand, Reilley finds a way to insinuate both her and Stacey into the other girl’s room. Molly, the other member of the passionate duo, is discovered in the throes of self-pleasure when Stacey and Reilley knock on her dorm room door. Soon it’s time for the sex toys and all around fun in Molly’s bed.

Molly and Stacey seem to have an affinity to one another and pair off as ‘platonic’ friends and share a bond true friendship. It remains a very smooth relationship, until Molly shows Stacey some very intense lesbian art, and Stacey, surprisingly is anxious to try to recreate the situation in the picture. Doing so has released the Kraken, so to speak and Stacey is driven by an new obsession that, it seems, only Molly can assist her with.



An interracial tale of eighteen year old Erin, a college freshman, who befriends Brenda a mature retired Army Vet.

Southern born Erin Kennedy, was raise in the shadow of the Confederate flag. Growing up in that shadow she learned to see the way it affected people and their views on people who were different. She thought that was wrong.

Brenda Brown, a product of Harlem, pulled herself out of the ghetto and joined the Military, earned her nursing degree and achieved a field level rank in the Army. She is attending college at the age of thirty nine to gain some advanced techniques in the medical profession.

The two women, from completely different worlds, become study buddies, and then friends. The young, rich, southern white girl and the mature, experienced New York born black women develop their friendship and soon their interest in each other becomes far from academic.

The mature women, takes her young acolyte to bed and provides her with a learning experience she would never experience in a classroom. It soon becomes apparent that Erin is a quick learner, and approaches their romance with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Now, can the mature woman keep up the hot blooded youngster?


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