Up All Night Putting the Final Touches On This Little Gem. I Really Hope You Like It.

Brenda, a geeky computer nerd, begins using the internet to find love, but soon moves to the real world with real women in search of love.

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searching for a dream final cover

Geeky Brenda gets caught up in a torrid on line game of Truth or Dare. She is challenged to perform self-love fifteen times in twelve hours. Nearly impossible, nevertheless Brenda maps out her strategy and documents her progress. She learns that the task requires more than planning and some of the situations she encounters are frustrating but humorous.

Learning her lesson both physically and emotionally she seeks a relationship with a classmate Chad, but it’s not long before Brenda realizes it’s Chad’s sister Beth she really desires. Thus begins a torrid relationship between the two. Even including a few friends, into their relationship.

However, time moves on and Beth and Brenda go their separate ways, leaving Brenda wanting and lusting after Erin, one of the girls she met through Beth. The relationship is intense and satisfying, but the intensity fades when the two graduate from college. The two lovers go their separate ways and lose track of each other for a number of years.

Brenda, now working as a journalist for a travel magazine, unexpectedly runs into Erin in a small pub in London. Even after nearly five years the two are still in love. They exchange details of their time apart. Brenda a journalist and freelance writer and when beautiful Erin, the former college cheerleader, relates her new career, Brenda is swooped up into a world she only dreamed about.


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