Classic Erotica with a dash of Fetish!

Going for the Gold

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Jill and her friend Randi, attempt to explore every wild erotic fetish that they can think of, over a series of weekends.

Jill has been going through a rough time of late, both at work and in her personal life. She decides a party with a few of her old college friend my help her out of her depression.

The party is just what Jill needed, and one of her best friends from school, Randi, is so trashed she has to spend the night with Jill. Whether it was the booze or the pent up emotions, the two begin and quest to try every debauched fetish they can think of.

The next several weekends become an erotic competition, as the girls each other and themselves in an attempt to taste a bit of everything. Both understood when the competition began that it was not something for a squeamish system and that fact get tested over and over.

Can the two maintain the physical and psychological pass of the next few weekend? Jill and Randi learn about fetishes that they had never dreamed of: urophilia, podophilia, paraphilia and partialism. And some they had known about for a long time. Cunnilingus, analingus, and tribadism. Vegetables and beer bottles are not out of bounds for these two hedonists.

Thanks to the fact they are young, perhaps they will survive this trip to the wild side.

The Wager

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An interracial tale of eighteen year old Erin, a college freshman, who befriends Brenda a mature retired Army Vet.

Southern born Erin Kennedy, was raise in the shadow of the Confederate flag. Growing up in that shadow she learned to see the way it affected people and their views on people who were different. She thought that was wrong.

Brenda Brown, a product of Harlem, pulled herself out of the ghetto and joined the Military, earned her nursing degree and achieved a field level rank in the Army. She is attending college at the age of thirty nine to gain some advanced techniques in the medical profession.

The two women, from completely different worlds, become study buddies, and then friends. The young, rich, southern white girl and the mature, experienced New York born black women develop their friendship and soon their interest in each other becomes far from academic.

The mature women, takes her young acolyte to bed and provides her with a learning experience she would never experience in a classroom. It soon becomes apparent that Erin is a quick learner, and approaches their romance with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Now, can the mature woman keep up the hot blooded youngster?


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